Secret Formula Records, Inc. was founded in 1998 by musician/composer Gary Farr.
Gary began producing and recording his own music and taking on other unsigned artists.
SFR corporate office is in the State of Florida.

To date, we have 18 CD's in our library available for digital downloads or CD's.

In 2002, GF Creative Music was formed to provide music for the film and TV industry.
Gary also provides singers and artist with arrangements and backing tracks for Vegas shows, live performances, etc. We have several credits from film, TV and multimedia.

If you are an A&R Executive, Music Supervisor for Film or TV, Publisher, Video Game Producer, Agency Executive and have a need for fresh innovative music for an existing or upcoming project and/or looking for a composer or music placement, go to GF Creative Music or contact Gary for more info.
Gary LOVES doing this stuff!

GF Creative Music is also a music publishing company affiliated with BMI.


Gary Farr, Pres.
Tallahassee, Fl / Sherman Oaks, CA


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