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Part 1 The Gathering (mp3)
Part II The Night Before (mp3)
Part III The Battle (mp3)
Part IV The Journey Home (mp3)

Dreaming of Marching Fireflies Parts 1-4

This Symphonic Rock piece blended with a splatter of electronica was inspired from a dream I had shortly after relocating from Florida up to the foothills of Los Angeles California. The work took several months to finish and even then I wasn't sure if I had finished it. It started with a little story line of fireflies gathering and preparing for battle. The fireflies march, stomp and fly into battle, conquer the enemy and then return home. It was never really clear to me who the enemy was. Maybe I was unknowingly influenced by the tragic ongoing conflict that was (and still is) going on with the US and Iraq. This project is a blend of rock and electronica with splatter of advante garde and a pulsating marching rhythms. - Gary Farr

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