Gary Farr (producer/pianist/composer) - Discography in order of years

Title of Album or CD   - type of music   - Artist   - record label   - year - involvement

THE BIG BAMBOO (Island-reggae) Alston Bair (Island Records) 1975 (pianist)

THE FIRST (solo piano) Gary Farr (Farr Records) 1977 (pianist)

NEW HORIZONS (Top 40) Samantha Farr Four (Horizon Records) 1986 (piano/keyboards/arranger)

THE GOLF ALBUM (New Age) Gary Farr (Farr Better Golf Prod) 1990 (keyboards/composer)

THE AERIE SUITES (New Age) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 1993 (keyboards/composer)

THE GENTLE AWAKENING (New Age) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 1999 (piano/keyboards/composer/producer)

LOST (contemporary jazz) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 1999 (keyboards/composer/producer)

TO BE FREE (New Age) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2000 (keyboards/composer/producer)

DEEP AS THE NIGHT (modern jazz) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2001 re-issued 2006 (piano/keyboards/composer/producer)

SHIFT (Rock) Matt Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2001(currently off the market for re-production) (producer/keyboards)

JABALOPA (electronica) Uni-Reversal Group (Secret Formula Records) 2002 (keyboards/composer/producer)

THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME….(Christian) Debra Elenbaum-Clem (Secret Formula Records) 2002 (producer/arranger/keyboards)

(Symphonic Rock) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2003 (keyboards/composer/producer)

UP ALL NIGHT (smooth sax jazz) Ron Fattorusso (Secret Formula Records) 2004 (producer/arranger/keyboards/composer)

FRESH BREW (contemporary jazz) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) released 2004 (keyboards/composer/producer)

AT LAST single release (R&B vocal) Hollie (Secret Formula Records) 2006 (producer/arranger/keyboards)

MOVIN' THRU L.A. (smooth to funky jazz) Gary Farr (SFR) released 2007 (piano/keys/composer/producer)

ROMANCE, PIANO & LOVE (solo piano) Gary Farr (SFR) 2009 (piano/composer)

GARIBALDI CONQUERS THE BEATLES (instrumental) Garibaldi (SFR) 2009 (producer/musician)


(smooth jazz & new age) Ron Fattorusso & Gary Farr (SFR) released 2010 (piano/keys/composer/producer)

(New Jazz) Gary Farr (SFR) released 2011 (piano/keys/composer/producer)

SPIRIT (smooth sax jazz) Ron Fattorusso (Secret Formula Records) 2013 (producer/arranger/keyboards/composer)

LIVE IN CONCERT (Jazz) Gary Farr & His All Star Big Band (Secret Formula Records) 2014 (pianist/arranger/producer)

SUITE SLEEP (New Age) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2014 (composer/pianist/producer)

FARRAGO (Jazz-NewAge-Classcial-Funk) Gary Farr (Secret Formula Records) 2015 (composer/pianist/producer)

"As a pianist I have been inspired by many jazz greats. To name a few; Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Thelonious Monk. As a composer, I have been influenced by jazz, classical, pop and film composers from Bach to the Beatles, from John Coltrane to John Williams. Music has been in my blood as far back as I remember. I enjoy writing different styles of music whether I'm playing the music myself or writing for other musicians. With today's computers and technology a composer's boundaries are endless. Music writing continues to be exciting and challenging." Gary

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