June 1st, 2005 Ron Fattorusso - Up All Night 3˝ Stars out of 4
Ron Fattorusso has been working in the music business for over 20 years. Why it has taken him so long to make a CD, I'm not sure. It's probably because he's been in so much demand during that span of time. With the help of fellow musician, Gary Farr, "Up All Night" is a testament of his years of service. His CD features a mix of different genres such as Latin, R&B, Reggae & Calypso. His style will remind you of Jay Beckenstein of the group Spyro Gyra. His sax playing is crisp and clean. I enjoyed the track, "Thanks, Grover", which was named after the late great sax player Grover Washington, Jr. This is a wonderful recording that was better late than never!

Smoothjazz.com April 2004 California
His name may not be familiar yet, but you've heard this sax man play. Did you watch Miami Vice in the '80's? Have you checked in with The Weather Channel lately? If your answer's "yes," to either of these questions, then chances are you've heard Ron Fattorusso's work. Now's your chance to get even better acquainted with this talented alumnus of the U. of Miami. This guy knows what he's doing, having started his professional career back in 1974 as a multi-instrumentalist (saxes, flute, clarinet), and working with the likes of just about everybody from Bing Crosby to the Temptations since! Now comes his first solo Smooth Jazz project, UP ALL NIGHT, and it's as hot as a Miami summer. Plenty of radio-friendly tracks (Smoothjazz.com Radio's starting with the title track) to keep it in the public ear for quite some time to come. In addition to "Up All Night," we especially like "I Know You're There," a sultry Latinesque power ballad that includes some searing guitar work from John Bauer…"Grover, Thanks," Ron's tasty salute to one of his sax idols, and the pretty ballad, "Wedding Day Song," which I'm betting will be just that for tons of wedding celebrations to come. But wait, there's more…this disc is loaded with good stuff! Don't just hang around for the next storm front to check out Ron Fattorusso's music. Get your hands on UP ALL NIGHT now, so you'll be able to enjoy all of it…anytime you like! ~Scott O'Brien

Derick Winterberg The Smooth Jazz Site....A couple of my favorites tracks are the high energy "Whatever You Want" with it's strong percussion and bass lines and the inspirational "Reaching It Together", a song dedicated to Ron's wife Teri. Ron states that he and his wife "do everything together whatever our life and goals bring." Not a bad motto to live and love by and this is not a bad album to showcase Ron's talents. After 30 years of playing I guess it's time this guy finally released a solo album and Up All Night is a worthy debut. I expect we'll be seeing more releases from Ron Fattorusso in the future. --

From Australian Smooth Jazz Network 90.5FM Many of the tracks are now in regular rotation From 'Up All Night' we added Up All Night, Going With The Grain, Grover Thanks, In My Heart, Jamaican Blue, Soft Breeze. And while I compliment you for your presentation, the music within can only be described as an unexpected reward We will be showcasing your label's tracks in the coming weeks in our syndicated prime-time radio special, 'Jazz Across The World'. All the best, Terence Gaynon, Network Program Director Australian Smooth Jazz Network Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne

From Smooth Jazz Radio Show, Oregon www.theflowjazzshow.com
I got Ron's CD this week and I love it. We'll get it into our library and begin playing Ron next week. Thanks...Su

Special: The Café Jazz Best of '04 A couple of weeks ago we provided a small sampling of the music that in our estimation made last year a standout. Today we're continuing with the second installment in our three-part series. We have music from Euge Groove, Peter White, & Norman Brown to name but a few. However, if you're a regular listener, you no doubt know that we play much more than just the hits. Our continuing mission is one that's all about style and mood. As such we'll be playing music from artists like Ron Fattorusso, Joey Sommerville & Incendio. We have a couple of tracks that are new to the show and there may also be a surprise or two along the way. So sit back, relax and get set to enjoy the unique listening experience that we call Café Jazz!

ECHOSMOOTHJAZZ.COM A 'must have' album for smooth jazz sax enthusiasts. This fifteen track CD showcases Ron's talents not only as a performer but also as a writer. ~ Echosmoothjazz.com

From fans
Thanx!! I have already received the CD and also the mouse pad. I really appreciate the extra gift, thank you. The CD is very, very good and I hope I will have the opportunity to hear ya'all live in a somewhat near future. Again, thank you for the quick reply, I will be sure to follow up the other artists as well. If you would also let Mr. Fattorusso know my appreciation for his music, Up all night is already playing warm on my CD-player. Next time he releases one though, I would like a signed copy. Thank you again! Yours sincerely, Maria, Sweden

Love his music! "Up All Night" frequently gets played at smooth jazz station 106.3 in Northampton, MA. Just ordered the CD and can't wait til it arrives. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! - Mary Ellen March 2005

Simply awesome Reviewer: Jack (CDBaby.com) Every track is better than the next! So many amazing smooth tunes. I heard some of these tunes on the Weather Channel and was so happy to find the CD. "Up All Night", No Es Facil", "Shuffle Bop" and "I know you're there" are just a few of my favorites. Who are these guys?! Awesome, creative music. Going to check out the record labels other stuff. 5 stars! Easy listening, done right! Reviewer: Chris (CDBaby.com) I love this CD, shows quality and originality. Worth the money! Great for unwinding on your way home from work! Enjoyed it immensley. CF

Smooth and distinct. Reviewer: Anthony (CDBaby.com) I have found many tracks on this CD to be smooth and velvety like the stars on a cool summers evening. The tempo was great and all of the tracks are very invigorating. Excellent CD, well worth the money. Highly recommend, January 23, 2004 Reviewer:Lf from New York (Amazon.com) I've never had an appetite for jazz, but after listening to Ron Fattorusso's jazz CD, "Up All Night", I'm hungry for more. Ron is a master on the sax and his songs are up beat and easy listening. I recommend you try it. You won't be disappointed.

Smooth & Easy listening at last!, January 28, 2004 Reviewer: TCF from Florida, USA (Amazon.com) Its such a joy and pleasure to be able listen to real music! This cd has heart and its soothes the soul. You can drift off to the Islands and dream of sunny beaches and warm breezes. I love it! Cant wait for the next one. A must buy for smooth jazz lovers!!!