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Garibaldi Conquers The Beatles II © by Garibaldi Romance, Piano & Love by Gary Farr
He's back......and with 12 new Beatles tracks of dance, jazz, rock and some lovely instrumental ballads. Keyboardist and arranger Garibaldi took a 7 year hiatus before returning into the studio with classic Beatles, a must have for any Beatle fan and lover of piano and organ.
Reminiscent by Anastasia
REMINISCENT© by Anastasia Romance, Piano & Love by Gary Farr
Debut solo piano CD featuring 18 beautiful tracks of neo-classical music, a delicate and perfect balance of classical & new age music.
FARRAGO© by Gary Farr Romance, Piano & Love by Gary Farr
Farrago is a mixed bag of 2 hours & 20 minutes of music for digital download or a 2 CD set. Mixed genres of jazz, new age, classical, chill, funk, dance and more. Most of the music was written for multi-media formats, all piano based. Within this collection is 'Farrago Piano Fantasy' in eight movements.

Suite Sleep

SUITE SLEEP Solo Piano© by Gary Farr
This piano music was composed and recorded to help relax the mind, body and lull one into a deep restful sleep. It has been scientifically proven that certain BPM (beats per minute) can match the brain waves, slow down the heart rate and lull one asleep. One Suite Sleep track is enough to fall into a deep sleep.
Spirit by Ron Fattorusso

SPIRIT© by Ron Fattorusso
This long awaited CD from Ron is nothing else then superb smooth jazz sax from this multi-talented musician and composer. 10 solid tracks of smooth, sexy and funky smooth jazz. In 2012, two tracks, 'You're Always Around' and 'Spirit' were pre-released and placed on NBC's The Weather Channel for two months.

Waves of Love by Gary Farr

WAVES OF LOVE© by Gary Farr
The original long version was created for intimate moments, over 40 minutes of seductive continuous senusous music taking you on a journey of musical bliss. The other versions are shorter re-mixes. Composer and pianist Gary Farr uses New Age & Jazz styles mixing the two together creating New Jazz. Waves of Love has been heard on NBC and international radio.
Sexy Sensuous Sounds
SEXY SENSUOUS SOUNDS© by Ron Fattorusso & Gary Farr
One hour of sexy sensuous music to make love by, featuring new tracks from Ron's soon to be released CD 'Spirit' and Gary's upcoming release CD 'Waves of Love'.
Garibaldi Conquers The Beatles
13 Beatle tracks that will make you want to groove and move. Heavy keyboards from jazzy licks to extended dance beats. A must have for any Beatle fan.
Romance, Piano & Love by Gary Farr
18 tracks and over 77 minutes of romantic classic jazzy and new age solo piano pieces. 6 originals tracks featuring Gary's "Come Home to Me" and 12 solo piano pieces of famous composers like Rodger & Hart, Lennon & McCartney, Ellington, Hammerstein, Cole Porter and more.

Movin' Thru L.A. by Gary Farr
MOVIN THRU L.A.©is Gary Farr's latest smooth jazz release.
From smooth to cool to funky, Gary glides over his piano and keys for a great new sound coming from this well known composer and pianist. The CD is a dedication to the life style of LA.
Guest artists Ron Fattorusso adds his cool sound on saxes and LA's own Stephan Lexner on guitars.

Up All Night by Ron Fattorusso
UP ALL NIGHT© heated up the air waves from Miami to Sydney.
From sizzling smooth jazz saxman Ron Fattorusso.
Featuring the singles 'Up All Night', 'I Know You're There', 'Grover, Thanks' & 'Jamaican Blue'
also 'Shuffle Bop', 'Just Standing Around', 'Sands of Time', 'No es Facil', 'Soft Breeze', 'Whatever You Want', and more.

Fresh Brew by Gary Farr
FRESH BREW© by Gary Farr
A contemporary jazz CD performed and written by pianist & composer Gary Farr featuring other guest artists; Jazz saxophonists Billy Ross &
Ron Fattorusso, Guitarist Mitch Farber, Flutist Jeanne Tarrant, Trombonist John Kricker, Drummer Craig Pichanick, Trumpeter Juan Natividad and more...

Jabalopa by Uni-Reversal Group©
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"A place where the heart and mind can be free.
A blend of Acid Jazz, Breakbeat, Electronica, Techno, Euro Dance and more.

Lost by Gary Farr

LOST© Gary Farr
Gary Farr
and his 'Lost' band debuted their new CD, 'LOST' at the Sunfest in Palm Beach, Florida
A contemporary jazz CD featuring original material by Gary Farr; piano & keyboards with Mitch Farber; guitars, Ron Fattorusso; saxophones & flute, Juan Natividad; bass & trumpet, Craig Pichanick; drums, Stan Baron; drums. Also featuring singer Samantha Farr.
Featuring 'One Warm Night', 'Pebbles on the Beach' and 'So Let the Wind Blow' on the radio waves.

The Gentle Awakening by Gary Farr

The Gentle Awakening © Gary Farr
An inspirational instrumental CD featuring pianist and composer, Gary Farr.
65 minutes of beautiful serene piano and orchestral sounds touching the hearts and souls seeking a higher level of spiritual consciousness.
Featuring 'An Angel on Earth' on the radio waves.

Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Dance of the Blessed Spirits© by Jeanne Tarrant
Classical flutist Jeanne Tarrant released her first CD, 'Dance of the Blessed Spirits' on Secret Formula Records. A former member of the Florida Philharmonic, flutist Jeanne Tarrant virtuouso shines on this classical CD with pianist Sergio Puig. Also featuring Cecelia Wasson Bertling, soprano.Click on cover for full information.

Deep as the Night By Gary Farr

Deep As The Night© by The Gary Farr Quintet
Straight ahead, pure, raw jazz featuring The Gary Farr Quintet playing
You 'n' Sun, Deep as the Night, Song for Charlie, Sambuca, One Warm Night, Three Quarters to Spare, Gelato Braziliero, Mesmerized, Good Morning, Charlie Chaplin Suite, You love Me, It Sounds Right, Birds in Flight, Bummed.

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Dreaming of Marching Fireflies by Gary Farr

Dreaming of Marching Fireflies Parts I - IV© by Gary Farr
A blend of driving dynamic Symphonic Rock and Electronica.
Composed and recorded in the foothills of California 2003.


To Be Free by Gary Farr

To Be Free© by Gary Farr
Piano/Orchestral music blends with New Age sounds.
Inspirational and meditation music for spiritual enlightenment.

'Be Still and Listen' featured in the 'Big Shot' film.

The Golf CD by Gary FarrGolf to the Music©
Reviewed in Golf Magazine. The mind game of concentration, relaxation and visualization all come into play. Prepare your mental attitude with a good sense of rhythm and tempo.Designed to be used before, during or after a round of golf.
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The First by Gary Farr

A piece of history...........
The First© by Gary Farr
Piano solo lp recorded in 1977 on a concert grand German Steinway on the Leonardo Da Vinci luxury cruiseliner which now lays on the bottom of the Genova bay in Italy.
Limited and out of print LP only.

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