Up All Night • Ron Fattorusso smooth & funky jazz

Song titles, descriptions and credits

Up All Night*
Inspired from a recent trip to Las Vegas were the photo cover was take,. this song was released as a single and is currently climbing the smooth jazz charts. This title track song has a light funky groove and a tight horn section interacting with the melody. The guitar harmonizes with the sax melody and also plays a solo after the sax takes off first.

Whatever You Want
Just a really fun 'foot tapping' tune, high energy funk that has the vocal lines trading with the Alto sax throughout the song. Percussion and horns add even more energy, as does the moving popping bass lines.

I Know You're There*
Dedicated to my father and sister who I lost too early in life. I will never ever forget them. This ballad has congas, bongos, strings and an electrifying guitar played by my cousin John Bauer that enhances the sax melody and solos. Both the sax and guitar use every bit of feeling and emotions on this one.

Jamaican Blue*
I spent several years recording for Jamaican singer Byron Lee down in Jamaica and my CD would not be complete without a reggae. This reggae feel featuring the soprano and tenor saxes along with the steel drums doubling the melody and contributing with fills and solos. Percussion keeps the rhythm section driving on. After the tenor and steel drums solo the saxes swing and exchange solos.

No es Facil*
My cousin George has a saying "No es facil" which means, it isn't easy. Heard on the Weather Channel on the 'Local on the 8's' & DMX jazz blends radio. Guitars, percussion then strings start the intro of this high-energy Latin flavored song as the rest of the instruments come in with authority. Flutes and Tenor share unison lines until the sax takes over the melody. There is a lot of continuous energy all the way through especially during the percussion breaks as all instruments are in sync.

Grover, Thanks*
A tribute to Grover Washington Jr. who has always been one of my inspirations. Gary & I made a special effort to get that 'Grover' sound. This easy listening composition introduces the alto sax and the piano from the start, and then brings in the full rhythm section to establish a nice groove. The Piano and Sax answer each other throughout this tune, making it very soothing and interesting. Heard on the Weather Channel on the 'Local on the 8's'.

Shuffle Bop*
Another one of my favorite musicians is alto saxophonist David Sandborn. This song is definitely inspired from his style. Heard on the Weather Channel on the 'Local on the 8's'. The guitars establish the groove from the start, and the horns lock in their swinging lines and set up the Alto, which has the lead. The swinging eight and sixteenth notes are key elements to establish the feel needed. It really swings!!

Sands of Time*
My wonderful wife Teri came up with this title and I used it to blend the horns together like sands of grain. Horns are the main feature in this nice laid-back tune, as they set up the sax melody and solos. The bridge section has the horns playing as though they have the lead melody. The rhythm section keep it smooth and simple, not to break up the flow. Heard on the Weather Channel on the 'Local on the 8's' and currently on the Music Choice TV and DMX jazz charts.

Wedding Day Song
This song was co-written by producer/pianist Gary Farr whom I had the pleasure of playing at his own wedding and dedicated it to his wife, Nora. In this recording, we came up with the idea of a duet between the Alto and Soprano saxes, trading melodies and solos at the right time. The oboe, flute, strings and guitar are definitely a key ingredient in this beautiful arrangement by Gary.

Just Standing Around*
Just when you think there is nothing to do, there is always something going on around the corner. Just as one sax part ends another one comes in. Just standing around is something I don't get to do much these days. Currently popping the air waves on The Weather Channel.

Going With the Grain*
In life you don't want to go against the grain but with the flow of life. The Tenor sax plays the intro rubato until the tempo begins with a steady even groove. Vocal pads are maintaining almost a constant presence, especially during the solos. Bells are used effectively, bringing out the melodic figures from the Sax. There are several places to stretch out in this one, as you'll hear from many different instruments.

In My Heart*
Every song I play comes from 'In my heart'. Mellow rock could describe this song that has the Alto sax playing the melody and then joined by a harmony at the bridge. The Drums lay it down for a solid foundation that also has an organ enhancing the mood. This song warmed up the air waves on The Weather Channel.

Reaching it Together
For my wife Teri, we do everything together whatever our life and goals brings. The Soprano sax takes control throughout this composition that also includes flugelhorns and synths for color. Its steady even groove makes it very pleasing and enjoyable to improvise over.

What A Pleasure*
My infamous cousin George once again has another saying 'What a Pleasure', enjoying life and meeting people is always a pleasure to him and it has been infectious. This funky groove in which features the Tenor Sax, is being doubled up at times with other saxes and guitars. There are also many different percussive instruments making the rhythm sections groove even tighter.

Soft Breeze*
Sit back, relax and enjoy the island soft breeze as the marimba plays, the drums keep the feel nice, easy and bouncy to add to this tropical mood. Let the sax take charge as though the melody is part of the breeze on the ocean, floating……

* indicates having received or currently getting airplay.
'Up All Night', 'I Know You're There', 'Grover, Thanks' & 'Jamaican Blue' released single.

Ron Fattorusso - Saxes, flute, keyboards, programming, horn arrangements
Gary Farr - keyboards/string & horn arrangements/producer
John Bauer-guitars
Mitch Farber - guitar solo on Up All Night
John Kricker - trombone
Doug Michels - trumpet
Joe Marlin - bass
Vinny 'Stixx' Amato - drums
All songs composed by Ron Fattorusso except
"The Wedding Day Song" composed by Ron Fattorusso & Gary Farr.
all songs published by GF Creative Music 2002-2003© BMI
Mixed and mastered at Secret Formula Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA
Gary Farr - mixing engineer
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