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Piano/orchestral inspirational & meditation music

To Be Free
Experience the growth of inner peace and spirituality

Gary Farr's music soothes my soul and brings me to a state of peace so deep that I can hear the Voice for God assuring me that all is well. I'm uplifted above the storms of life. Even after listening for only a few minutes I feel renewed, energized, strengthened and inspired. - Sorah Dubitsky, Ph.D. Author, teacher, healer ; www.drsorah.com

Some describe Gary's CD as New Age, others claim it to be Classical. Regardless of the genre, the music is beautifully composed. The piano and orchestral warm sounds touch the heart and soul. - Nora M. Garcia, author of The Lightbearers

Even though I take earthly credit for writing the music, I must remind myself of the higher power and love which flowed through me during these compositions. I'm reminded of the link between all of us. This is my gift of love and expression to the world. Be love, give love and Love will find you. Anything else is time prolonged. - Gary

Gary F


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The Gentle Awakening


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