Whipping up a Fresh Brew. A unique collection of different inter-changing rhythms from funk, rock, hip hop to reggae interweaved with heavy jazz overtones. Great grooves and wonderful musicianship with a unique blend of musical instruments and voices.

Gary Farr - keyboards
Ron Fattorusso - Saxes
Jeanne Tarrant - Flute
Mitch Farber - guitars
Billy Ross - Saxes on 'Fresh Brew' & tenor solo on 'A Light Spring Rain'.
John Kricker - trombone solo on 'Jazz in the House'
Doug Michels - trumpets
Craig Pichanick - drums
Juan Natividad - muted trumpet solo on 'Gary's World'
Marianne Jansen - voices on 'Gary's World'
All songs composed by Gary Farr except 'Pour It On'
by Gary Farr & Mitch Farber
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Secret Formula Studio, Davie, FL
Re-mixed and mastered in Los Angeles.
1999-2004© BMI

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