The Gentle Awakening
An Inspirational instrumental musical work of art featuring pianist and composer, Gary Farr.
65 minutes of beautiful serene piano and orchestral sounds touching the hearts and souls seeking a higher level of spiritual consciousness.


1.The Gentle Awakening Part 1
2. The Gentle Awakening Part 2
3. Life is Peace
4. Love is Light
5. The Little Garden
6. Moonlight Reflections
7. Love Within a Storm
8. An Angel on Earth
9. Love will Wait Forever
10. Letting Go
11. To Be Truly Happy
12. A Time to Remember (Lullaby)

On the Solo Piano channel @ Radio
Heard on OWN TV Network, Outdoor Cable TV Channel, Canadian and several Australian TV shows & international radio shows.

Gary talks about the coming of The Gentle Awakening

Back in 1996 I was given a book cassette of Marianne Williamson's 'Return to Love' from my dear friend and bass player who worked with me for several years. He lost his girlfriend to Leukemia. Days after her passing, he was going through her things, having found and listened to the Marianne Williamson's book. He insisted that I listen to it too. The tape sat in my studio for several weeks and I never listened to it. I would get phone calls from him at least three times a week asking me about the tape. "Gary, did you listen to it? It's great, Gary you have to hear it"! I continued putting him, and the tape off. I had planned a short trip down to Islamorada (Florida Keys) for a few days, it was about a two hour drive from my house. On my drive, I popped the tape in the car and I started listening to what Marianne had to say. After listening to it for 15-20 minutes, my wife leaned over to the volume knob and I thought she was going to turn it off, she turned it up instead! We listened to the whole tape several times during that 2 day trip. Marianne's book is based on "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) book. I won't get into details here, find out for yourself. Having been totally inspired by Willamson's book, I decided to get study the ACIM book too. As fate would have it, my mother-in-law was given the book by a friend that same year, so she gave it to me. Let me try to shorten this story. From the readings and teachings of ACIM, I became so inspired and in touch with the Oneness of God, the inspirational musical composing started flowing through me. It truly was amazing. I am destined to share this music with everyone as it touches a part of all of us. The Gentle Awakening is the first of 2 cd's which I recorded. A year later I followed it up with "To Be Free". - Gary Farr

The Lightbearers book by Nora M. Garcia To Be Free CD by Gary Farr - spirituality 

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