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Famous quotes from famous
and not so famous golfers

"The mind is your greatest weapon.
It's the greatest club in your bag.
It's also your Achilles' heel"

Steve Elkington, 1995 PGA champion
I think your mind has a lot to do with the game, even more than practicing. Sure, you've got to practice until you learn all the fundamentals, but if you've been playing golf as long as I have, it's not the practice anymore, it's the mind. - Lee Trevino

You can will something to happen, with your body, with your mind. The mind is that strong. You can say, 'I want to get this close to the hole.' That's where the mind comes in. The mind has to produce positive thinking. All the great players do that - Byron Nelson

When your golf is good, your mind is great. When your golf is bad, your mind is terrible. Your mind is a product of the day's results.- Greg Norman

Once you're on the Tour, the mental part of the game is 85-90 percent - David Duval
I don't really like too much thinking. I like to have it clear and just go ahead and hit it. Sometimes I think that if you think too much, you're thinking too many things, you're not thinking about hitting the shot - Sergio Garcia

If somebody plays better than I do, it never bothers me. What bothers me is when I don't prepare, when I don't get my mind on what I'm doing and I let everything else happen that keeps me from being on a positive road to where I want to go - Jack Nicklaus

Golf is not that hard a game. We make it a lot harder than it is. Our mind gets in the way - Simon Bevan, head pro at Glen Abbey Golf Club, Ontario
This game is experimental between the ears - Peter Kostis
The average person doesn't function very well playing golf. You either have to be in the state of oneness or be able to create a state of oneness. You have to have the ability to eliminate all of the distractions and only think of one thing at a time - Phil Rodgers
From a mind standpoint, there's the zone. I'm a 30 handicap and I shot an 82 one day. I felt that every ball I hit was perfect, and every putt would go in, and it did. It is a mind game, and the zone is the mind zone. - David Wolper, award-winning movie and TV producer
The biggest strength of Tiger Woods you can't see. It's his mind - Butch Harmon
Golf is all about calm. You don't play golf to relax, you relax to play golf. The zone we hear PGA Tour players talk about is a metabolic state of calm, a Zenlike concentration. - Gary Haykin, golf teacher
Quotes taken from the book 'Be the Ball' by Charlie Jones and Kim Doren

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