The (Original) Golf Album Story————————

by Gary Farr

The Golf Album was originally pressed and released on a cassette which explains the “Front Side” and “Back Side” titles. It was designed to get you to your golf course within 30 minutes (Front Side) and get you home or where ever you are heading after your round (local bar, girlfriends house, etc.) again in the 'back side' 30 minutes. The CD however is continuous play and if it takes you longer to get to a golf course, this is even better! I wrote and recorded the music for myself in mind. At the time, I was too easily thrown off my game by bad shots, which comes from bad swings and needless to say, a negative attitude. Rhythm and tempo was a key factor (and still is) in search of the ‘A’ game. The music is rhythmic and repetitive, like the golf swing should be, relaxing and positive like the mind and body should be. It’s a bit humorous with some of the titles and sound effects to keep a smile on your face, after all, laughter is the quickest healer of negative thought. Hey, it’s just a game! If you listen with tunnel vision (or tunnel audio), it will help keep you focused on the game at hand. At the time, I brought my game down to a 10 handicap, I’m presently a 7.4 index (2004) and looking to go lower. I have players bring the music on the course and listen to it between shots. With today’s technology you can transfer the music to a portable MP3 player and carry it along with you. I added a bonus track for the CD release, “The 19th Hole”. Remember, find your own rhythm and tempo and you will enjoy this beautiful game called golf.

PGA West Stadium course, La Quinta, CA
Island green, 17th signature hole par 3 135 yds.

"I hit a 9 iron straight at the flag but fat, the ball hit short on the rocks in front of the green and took a huge bounce about 25 feet pin high on the green. I had a good sized left-to-right break. One of my playing partners suggested I should make the birdie putt after that lucky bounce, so I did!" 4/2/05

The local members talk about Lee Trevino playing from the back tee and making a hole-in-one. Everyone went nuts. Trevino was quoted as saying, "Why are you so surprised, thats what I was aiming at!"

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