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•At Last, there is a new name to be added to the list of Dynamic Divas: Hollie, a talented and vibrant singer who has taken on the classic R&B song of the past and turned it into her own sultry and modern style. She is a confident young woman whose voice encompasses a strong sense of self, hard working, no nonsense "real" attitude. Aside from being an acommplished songwriter and actress, Hollie knows how to sell a song with her commanding live performances and stage presence.

•Our goal with Hollie is to create what Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble did for the Sinatra standards. We are going to take a selection of songs originally recorded by Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and other great singers from the past and complete a 10-12 song CD. We will turn Hollie loose in the studio with her own creative singing style and over-three octave range.

•SFR president, arranger and producer Gary Farr has taken Hollie under his wing with his years of jazz playing and arranging experience and has discovered a 'secret formula' of blending old and new with Hollie's unique approach to the classic song "At Last". Other songs to be considered for recording may be "Good Morning Heartache", "Lover Man", In My Solitude", "It don't mean a thing.." "When Sunny Gets Blue" and many more.

Keep a look out for the digital download on iTunes and many more.
E-mail Hollie at secretformula@secretformularecords.com

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