Suite Sleep
Gary Farr

Suite Sleep

  1. Suite Lullaby (70 bpm)
  2. Suite Sleep I (90 bpm)
  3. Suite Sleep II (60 bpm)
  4. Suite Sleep III (70 bpm)
  5. Suite Sleep IV (50 bpm)
  6. Suite Lullaby (90 bpm)
    (Orchestral bonus track)
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Solo Piano

The Gentle Awakening

To Be Free To Be Free

Suite Sleep - Solo Piano
Experience deep sleep

This calming piano music was composed and recorded to help relax the mind, body and lull one into a deep restful sleep.
It has been scientifically proven that certain BPM (beats per minute) can match the brain waves, slow down the heart rate whether for meditation, relaxing or a full nights sleep. One Suite Sleep track is enough to fall into a deep restful sleep.

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