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Solo pianist Anastasia | Secret Formula Records, Inc.
Reminiscent CD by Anastasia


~ Anastasia ~ Solo Piano ~ Reminiscent ~

Anastasia was born in Bavaria, Germany to parents of Greek descent and grew up in Munich, South Carolina and New Jersey. She began playing piano at the age of five and has performed and placed in various classical competitions throughout her childhood. Although she studied classical music, Anastasia was inspired by contemporary artists such as Eugenie R. Rocherolle and Yann Tiersen. Her love for composing began with her first compositions at the age of nine. Anastasia gave up the study of classical music in High School to embrace composing piano music. She created her own album of piano pieces at the age of 16 and sold it throughout her High School as part of an Economics project. Reminiscent builds upon these pieces composed throughout her early years and brings back childhood and adolescent memories. Her music is heartfelt and emotional, characteristic of a soft, mellow and poignant tone.

"The first time I heard Anastasia's music, I knew it was a great fit for Solo Piano & New Age radio and a great addition to our record label. I've heard hundreds of solo piano CD's but nothing quite like this. Anastasia's music is a perfect balance of Classical and New Age. Her playing is filled with emotion and easy on the ears. I can't wait for the world to embrace and enjoy her music for years to come." ~ Gary Farr, President of SFR and radio programmer


"With a distinctive and promising new voice in the crowded solo piano genre, Anastasia's debut, 'Reminiscent,' is going to turn a lot of heads!" ~ Kathy Parsons,


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