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Matt Creamer
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Matt Creamer

Matt performs and sings a Tribute to John Denver. He is backed by Al Right & The Rongs, a jazz-blues band headed by Gary Farr (pianist) who works with Matt on Sunday's in The New Philadelphia Presbyterian Church in Quincy Florida. They are working on an album that will be released in late 2022 or early 2023, A Tribute to John Denver. 

Colorado, USA

My Story - Different Worlds united by Music

When I was 9 years old, my grandmother bought me my first guitar.  She did so because though I loved to sing, my vocal cords were being calloused by speaking and singing (and yelling!!) in Arabic the language of the Palestinian people with whom I had been living since age 5.  My Father administered a hospital between Bethlehem and Hebron on the West Bank. So I began learning classical guitar as an outlet for my musical expression. In the meantime the previous damage to my vocal cords eventually went away.


A few years later when I was 12, we were back in the states for a visit and I attended a summer camp in northern Ohio, where I heard a young man playing and singing “Rocky Mountain High,” by John Denver. I think I had heard one other song by John on the radio, but this was the first experience of his music up close and personal.  Before we returned to Palestine/Israel, a lady from that young man’s home church bought me my first John Denver album-an 8-track tape of his Greatest Hits, volume 1!  I began trying to learn to sing and play his songs as I continued to study classical guitar in Jerusalem. 












I met a friend from Kentucky living in Bethlehem, who also played fiddle, and he suggested we play John Denver and a few other artists on the streets of Jerusalem to help pay for our guitar lessons! We played in front of the Old City walls at the Jaffa gate and in modern Jerusalem on Saturday nights after Sabbath was over.  And we quickly discovered we weren’t the only folks in the world that loved John’s music!  At that time “Country Roads” was one of the most popular songs in the world from Aspen to Shanghai and even in Jerusalem!  I even tried translating “Annie’s Song” into Arabic!

Over the years my love for John’s music grew and grew as I collected every John Denver album I could get my hands on 8-track, cassette, and vinyl!  I tried to learn it all!  The warmth of his voice and simplicity of his melodies and poems left a lifelong mark in my heart.  This led me to begin writing and composing my own songs and subsequently to major in vocal performance upon my return to the States at 18.


In an age of division, chaos, violence, and despair, seems like there is a desire to return to simpler times.  Bringing back John’s beautiful simplicity and message of love and community is our little way of “brightening up some days” and helping folks make it through some “cold and lonely nights” just like his “Ole Guitar” did for him.



John Denver Show Set

1. Back Home Again

2. Country Roads

3. Rocky Mountain High

4. Sunshine on My Shoulder

5. Music Makes Pictures

6. Annie's Song

7. For You

8. My Sweet Lady

9. Perhaps Love

10. Sweet Surrender

11. Cold Nights in Canada

12.Poem and Prayers and Promises

13. Fly Away

14. Follow Me

15. I Guess He'd Rather be in Colorado

16. Music Makes Pictures

18. This Ole Guitar

2022 Video Live - Matt Creamer - A Tribute to John Denver

Back up band:

Special guest artist:

Colleen Nixon - lead singer/back up singer

Al Right & The Rongs
Perry Osborn - guitarist/vocalist
Gary Farr - keyboards

Randy Barnhill - basses

Mark Blair - drums/vocalist

To book Matt and the band for live performance, contact Gary Farr or 818-269-3356

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